Led Butterfly Clips Neon Rave Dark Party


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Light mode: Fast flash, slow flash (control switch ON / OFF)

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These girl’s light-up braid butterfly clips resemble little stars in the night sky and are perfect for wearing to parties, clubs, and festivals. They can also be given as gifts to friends.

You will receive Romantic Atmosphere from it.This hair extension fibre optic light clip is constructed from a premium alloy, features realistic modelling with a distinctive style, is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and is both endearing and eye-catching.

How should the LED hair light be shaped, and how can it be straightened again?

This product’s substance can be forced or heated to take on the desired shape.

1. To be straight or curly: The fibre optic braid will gradually straighten and recover once the LED hair light is clamped at one end, the tail is drawn vertically, and the heated air from the hair dryer is blown down. Note: Avoid using high temperatures, shaking it, or blowing directly on it.

2. To be recovered straightening: you can squeeze the led hair light’s tail, particularly the curved section, with a heavy item and hold it there for a while.

Can be cut to match natural hair length and turn on the switch to light up the LED lights.

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Dimensions 20 × 14 × 5 cm
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